The run-up to “supersalone.” Summer in the pursuit of design

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The August editorial: with a month to go before the launch of the Salone del Mobile.Milano digital project, while preparations for a live event in September are in full swing, what’s happening on the digital platform?

The diary shows that only a month has passed since the new Salone del Mobile.Milano digital platform was launched. Yet, from the day our first digital event was held, with a sparkling Talk Show led by Victoria Cabello, there seems to be no limit to the large and small changes that are charting the new course of the most important design institution in the world. The most newsworthy are the election of the new president Maria Porro, which is filling the pages of sectoral and other publications, and the progress of the September Salone event – the “supersalone” curated by Stefano Boeri (and his extraordinary international team of co-designers: Andrea Caputo, Maria Cristina Didero, Anniina Koivu, Lukas Wegwerth and Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual of Studio Folder – in collaboration with Giorgio Donà), which is turning the global spotlight on the city of Milan once again. 

In the meantime, the digital project has taken its first steps. While it’s now clear to everyone that it’s not simply a new site, or even an online magazine, we felt it right to give an insight into the editorial choices made so far. The idea, right from the start, was to build a virtuous network of connections and reflections around the Salone del Mobile.Milano companies and products, with updates and contacts, inspirations and explorations – all in an international and polyphonic, inclusive and present spirit.  

This then gave rise to the MAGAZINES FROM THE WORLD section which, in its first thirty days, has brought together items from the top international sectoral press, setting up a lively exchange with the editorial departments at publications in dozens of different countries. It’s an ambitious project that, in the capable hands of Vlatka Zanoletti, aims to illustrate the Salone’s perspective on design publishing – and much more. The selected articles and videos (by the talented Michele Foti) that present the most interesting issues of the various magazines, provide opinions, insights into the companies and points of view on the Salone itself that we thought it interesting to share. But this is just the beginning. 

We decided to reserve a series of articles and columns for ourselves and for our international authors. Not to be missed are Francesca Esposito’s Speakers’ Corner, featuring interviews with a social, political and financial bent with key figures at the various companies. Then there’s the Book Club, coordinated by Patrizia Malfatti, featuring all the latest publications, with an eye also on sectors allied to that of design. The Portfolio features the most interesting photographers of the moment, according to Jacopo Mantovani’s knowledgeable eye. Last but by no means least is the weekly overview, Design Weekly, edited by Marilena Sobacchi, which explores current issues from a design perspective – but that’s not all. We could go on at length, stimulated by all the positive feedback, by the proposals that turn up on a daily basis and the comments of friends and long-term colleagues (thanks to all of you). But we would hate to deprive you of the pleasure of summer reading – or of discovery. 

We’d like to sign off by wishing you a good summer, hoping that you will feel revived and refreshed ahead of the important appointment awaiting us in September - and also and especially with a promise: if you stay connected, you’ll be able to take a live part in our interactive projects on these digital pages, which are laying the ground for this new chapter in the story of contemporary design. 

2 August 2021