The Infinite Visual Connections of Michele De Lucchi and his AMDL “Circle”

Infinite Visual Connections of Michele De Lucchi

An illustrated book that unveils how the design concepts of the renowned Milanese architectural studio come into being, capturing the inspirational power of every single thing. 

Connectome was the name given in 2005 to the map of the neural connections in the brain. It’s a short step from science to architecture, one that the new, and first, volume of AMDL, has taken. This study by the studio of the architect Michele De Lucchi with Angelo Micheli is entitled Connettoma. Synapsis of Humanistic Architecture and illustrates a wealth of connections triggered by the prolific activity of this creative dynamo. “A world of connections which are generated from images and, in their turn, spawn other images,” says De Lucchi.  


The book is split into two central chapters – I imagine therefore I am and Why pause the images and fleshes out a journey of introspection undertaken by the humanist architect and all his collaborators with him, geared to visualising the most frequently used synapses in their work. The connection between a scent and a colour, the sight of a landscape … The pages illustrate the visual connections made by our minds, harnessing all the compartments of our brain: emotions, images, thoughts.  

The pages are also “a tool by which to create more complete, richer, more inclusive projects and to show how images make it much easier to understand each other, communicate and decide together, with everyone’s approval, how to build new, human and participatory architectures.”  


Title: Connettoma. Synapsis of humanistic architecture 

Concept: Michele De Lucchi & AMDL CIRCLE 

Published by: Silvana Editoriale 

Published: 2021 

Pages: 224 

Language: Italian and English 

Video by Michele Foti

30 June 2021