The Amiral Mirror by Dainelli Studio for Giorgetti

Amiral Mirror

A fascinating piece of multipurpose furniture, this elegant mirror also doubles as a clothes stand and whatnot – a fluid design with a clever use of wood and leather.

The Amiral Mirror in a nutshell.
The Amiral Mirror has multiple functions, it is a combination of a coat stand, a pocket emptier, a partition and, of course, a mirror! An object with fluid lines and a striking design, light on the eye but with a strong impact.
Can you tell us about the creative and design concept of this mirror?
The mirror was conceived as an extension of the Amiral family, already part of the Giorgetti catalogue, consisting of a bookcase and coffee tables.
The idea was to create a product with multiple functions, playing with the materials and the craftsmanship characteristics of the brand. This led to a rational use of wood and leather to achieve the right balance between solids and voids, resulting in a product with a strong visual identity. We wanted something that would not go unnoticed, but that would not excessively steal the scene.
How important is the study of functionality in this project?
Functionality is the starting point of every project of ours. In the case of the Amiral Mirror, we wanted to emphasise the relationship created during our research into materials, between their practical function and their aesthetic value. For this mirror, we chose materials that served both a visual and practical purpose. Leather, for example, as well as enriching and embellishing the product, is essential for creating recesses and pockets.
What relationship was created between you and the Amiral Mirror?
The Amiral Mirror project was a confirmation of our association with Giorgetti, it went some way to ratifying our working relationship.
How and where do you imagine this product in 10 years' time?
10 years is a very long time! We would love to see it become one of those timeless Giorgetti pieces that have become not only part of the history of the brand but also of the international market. Amiral is a family that we hope can be continually enriched by objects with new functions, maintaining the invaluable combination of leather and wood. The future of this line could hopefully see us making headway into the world of the home office.
Dainelli Studio

Leonardo And Marzia Dainelli

29 June 2021