The many iterations of design carpets

shangri-la, yo2, salone milano

YO2, Shangri-la, design Gianni Cinti

A favoured furnishing accessory bestowing character on any room, playing on unusual shapes and referencing art and nature   

Rugs go back thousands of years – the most ancient one dates back to the fifth or sixth century B.C., and was discovered in a tomb in Siberia. It is now preserved in the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg. This particular furnishing accessory is one of the products where the imagination of the designers and the skill of the craftsmen and manufacturing companies really shine. 

Starting with their shapes, now becoming increasingly less geometric, exploring irregularities, proceeding with patterns frequently referencing art masterpieces, and ending with increasingly striking colours, brilliant hues, using materials with innovative textures, and workmanship that also draws on traditional, ancient techniques. Inspiration is everywhere – art, nature, philosophies and cultures such as the one on which the ancient Japanese Kintsugi art of repairing broken ceramics is based.

kintsugi, a lot of brasil, salone milano

A lot of Brasil, Kintsugi, design Pedro Franco

polspotten, oval rug, salone milano

Polspotten, Oval Rug

car park, cc tapis, salone milano

cc-tapis, Car Park, design Odd Matter studio

jaipur rugs, manchaha, salone milano

Jaipur Rugs, Manchaha collection

nanimarquina, troupe, salone milano

Nanimarquina, Troupe, design Jaime Hayon

 Kamy, rug, salone milano

By Kamy, Água Amazônia 2, design Henning Kunow

Potocco, gambit,salone milano

Potocco, Gambit, design Chiara Andreatti

tapis rouge, ice, salone milano

Tapis Rouge, Ice (Frozen collection)

cut out, carpet edition, salone milano

Carpet Edition, Cut Out

yo2, rug, salone milano

YO2, Shangri-la, design Gianni Cinti

8 March 2023