Furnishing accessories form part of the decor of the different rooms of the house, from carpets, mirrors and curtains to vases, ornaments, prints and paintings, and including small tables, partitions, baskets and sheets. On this page there are design furnishing accessories, in different materials, such as wood, glass, metal and different types of fabric, suited to different style interiors, from modern to industrial or minimalist. 

Furnishing accessories: what they are and functionality

Furnishing accessories are an important part of the furnishings of any home. The term covers all those objects and ornaments that enrich furnishings with aesthetic sense and personal taste in any setting, indoors or outdoors, home, office or even hotel. So the aim is not only to reflect the character of whoever lives in those places, but also to make them more welcoming and functional. 

How to create an atmosphere with furnishing accessories

Furnishing accessories such as lamps, pictures, carpets, ornaments and mirrors, are fundamental elements in furnishing the home and creating a specific atmosphere, whether cozy and comfortable or minimalist and firmly structured. Depending on the needs and requirements of the occupants, design accessories help give a note of originality and elegance that adapts to modern as well as classic settings. For example, plexiglass, glass and wooden furnishing accessories are perfect for creating a modern, simple and restrained atmosphere, while shabby chic or rustic and industrial furnishing accessories are perfect for a warm and welcoming room. 

To each setting its furnishing accessories

This approach to completing an interior can be applied to any setting, from bedroom to bathroom and office, and also whether it is a first home, a seaside home or in the mountains.

Furnishing items for the living room

When it comes to furnishing accessories for the living room, modern and designer objects create a contemporary and sophisticated mood, while classic furnishing accessories are perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Furnishing accessories for the kitchen

Furnishing accessories for the kitchen, on the other hand, need to be practical and functional. Furnishing accessories in glass, wood and plexiglass help create a minimalist and modern space, while industrial-style furnishing accessories are well suited to a warm and welcoming personality, but one always in step with the times.

Furnishing components for the bedroom

For the bedroom, it is important to choose furnishing components that favor comfort and relaxation. Wood and fabric furnishing accessories, such as carpets, screens and curtains, make an interior warm and welcoming, while glass furnishings create a modern and sophisticated touch. 

How to furnish every room in the home

These general indications apply to all interiors, combining styles and materials of furnishing objects to create the right balance that conveys the desired atmosphere, and usually reflecting the priorities of the home owner or tenant, starting from the furniture, and then with the fundamental accessories suited to the setting followed by the last touches of personality. 

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