Spa and Wellness

Multifunctional solutions for well-being, easily installed and technologically advanced, make it possible to enjoy all the benefits  of a sauna and a Turkish bath directly in the comfort of your own home. These innovative proposals combine high-quality materials with exclusive designs and special features, such as guided mindfu4lness and breathing programs to be performed during the treatment.


Finnish sauna facilities offer an extraordinary opportunity to create an atmosphere of psycho-physical well-being directly in your own home, adding a touch of elegance and exclusiveness to the ambiance. In addition to offering a place devoted to relaxation and self-renewal, the most modern sauna solutions  also allow intuitive and personalized control of lighting and temperature. With a simple click, you can adjust the intensity of the lights to create an atmosphere perfectly in line with your preferences. 

Turkish bath

A  relaxing Turkish bath is a real panacea for body and mind. Devices that can be installed in the home are specially designed to guarantee optimal performance even in the smallest spaces, making it possible to enjoy the advantages of the Turkish bath without having to go to a spa. Some models of Turkish baths can be installed directly in the existing bathroom, while others may require a dedicated area, so creating a setting especially designed for thermal well-being. 


A hammam area  is a complete wellness space that combines the beneficial properties of steam with the freshness of water. The available solutions offer different finishes and customized colors, enabling the creation of unique and  exclusive hammam environments. Many models are equipped with adjustable steam generators to customize the treatment. In addition to the functional aspect, the wellness proposals have a refined design and fine finishes, in line with modern interior design trends.

Whirlpool hot tub

The latest models  of the whirlpool hot tub are real jewels of comfort and technology, offering a complete multisensory relaxation experience. In addition to ensuring high seating comfort, these hot tubs come equipped with striking lighting effects that create an enchanting atmosphere, ideal for relaxing and regenerating. 

Modern whirlpool hot tubs are designed to offer optimal comfort, thanks to the comfortable headrest cushions that support the body in a relaxed position during the hydromassage treatment. The strategic distribution of water jets inside the hot tub means you experience different sensations and therapeutic benefits. It is possible to adjust the intensity and type of jet, focusing it on specific areas of the body for a targeted and personalized massage. In addition, modern whirlpool hot tubs can be equipped with built-in sound systems to listen to your favorite music during the treatment. Thanks to their versatility, they can be harmoniously integrated into different indoor and outdoor settings such as a terrace  or garden hot tub.

The home spa: all the benefits 

Spa treatments, such as the sauna and Turkish bath,  help relax mind and body, reducing stress and promoting an overall feeling of calm and balance. Thanks to cell renewal, the skin is softer, brighter and purified. Hydrotherapy treatments, such as the whirlpool and spa shower, are also excellent allies for blood stimulation and can help relieve muscle and joint pain. There are also benefits for the quality of sleep: general relaxation and stress reduction promote deep and regenerating rest. 

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