Sofas and armchairs

Comfortable objects by definition, sofas and armchairs find a place in living rooms as well as bedrooms and many contract interiors: hotels, waiting rooms, offices. To each space its solution: from the corner sofa perfect for particular space needs to the bedroom armchair, the double sofa bed ideal for hosting guests to the garden armchairs to complete outdoor spaces. 

Sofas, sofa beds and armchairs: how to choose them

Sofas and armchairs lend themselves to multiple purposes: sitting, lying down, relaxing, reading, welcoming guests, conversing, watching TV and even sleeping. To choose the best sofa and armchairs for your setting it is essential to be well aware of the proportions and dimensions of the room in which you mean to place them. You need to carefully assess the presence of windows and doors and, of course, the location of the TV set. Lastly, but equally crucial, in choosing a relaxing sofa or armchair and a quality sofa bed you should look at the ergonomics, the depth of the seat and height of the backrest. The ability to rest your head or stretch out easily is a good way to test the comfort offered by these furnishings.

Designer armchairs, modern sofas and solutions for every style

Sofas and armchairs have attracted the attention of designers over time and are now diversified for every setting: minimalist, atmospheric, in boho style or historical, such as the timeless chesterfield. And in a wide range materials: with a wooden or metal frame, fabric or leather upholstery and latex or polyurethane padding.

The styles of sofas and armchairs tells us a lot about the personality of the people who choose them and immediately sends the message that the home means to convey. Softer sofas and armchairs create a cozier, more intimate atmosphere. Minimalist and square forms, by contrast, can be used to furnish modern living rooms. In choosing your style it is also important to decide whether to coordinate the sofa and armchairs or combine them with similar or even contrasting styles. Sometimes the consistency of lines, colors or textures of the upholstery is enough to create a harmony.

Sofas and armchairs: endless potential 

Once you have decided what kind of setting to create and with what degree of functionality, whether sofas and armchairs are to be placed in the living room or an entryway, a holiday home or a city apartment, here are the main types to choose from. 

Two- and three-seater sofas. If the space allows it, a 2-seater or 3-seater sofa, perhaps with a corner design - so exploiting the space in depth - have the advantage of providing a place for each occupant of the home and for any guests. This composition can be complemented by armchairs.

Corner sofas. Ideal for relaxing and watching TV, the corner divan or corner with a peninsula is increasingly in vogue because a single solution meets the need for space and comfort. 

Sofa beds and armchair beds. When a home is small, above all, in town, we need to optimize space. Today, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, sofa beds and armchair beds have sturdy and durable opening and closing mechanisms that mean you can combine style and functionality. 

Garden armchairs and sofas for outdoors. Garden sofas are the solution to enjoy the summer without sacrificing comfort. Depending on your preferences or space needs, you can also opt for garden armchairs, perfect for combining style and functionality.

Reading chairs. Reading chairs have high backs and armrests for ergonomic seating, and are often coordinated with a pouf for resting the feet.

Easy chairs. A smaller and lighter variant of the armchair, easy chairs for the living room can be paired with sofas and armchairs as needed, for example, during an evening with friends or for sitting at table. Slipper chairs for the bedroom are also very popular, perfect for exclusive relaxation. 

Chaise longue: peninsular armchairs and sofas. The chaise longue is an elongated armchair. Thanks to Le Corbusier's famous design of the late 20s, it is now synonymous with style, as well as comfort. The sofa with chaise longue is increasingly favored, as it combines the comfort of a sofa with space for resting your legs.

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