Sanitaryware ranges from the most traditional collections, available in the classic versions, such as wall-mounted fixtures, or flush-to-wall sanitary wares and highly innovative designer models with seat-warming functions as well as built-in cleaning, drying and lighting.

Toilet and bidet: comfort and innovation

From round or square forms, in white or colored ceramic, whatever the model chosen for the toilet and bidet it is important to combine comfort with aesthetics. The technological component incorporated in the latest generation modern sanitary wares also offers intelligent features such as proximity sensors, an audio system and automatic water optimization. In this way easier and more interactive management is combined with optimization of costs and energy. 

Suspended sanitaryware: all the advantages

Suspended bathroom fixtures are an advantageous choice in many ways. Being raised off the floor, they ensure easy cleaning at every point. These sanitary fixtures are also ideal for small bathrooms, because they immediately give the feeling of a more open and spacious environment. In general, they help create a neater and more elegant overall picture. What about durability? A wall-hung toilet or bidet guarantees impeccable durability even after many years. 

Flush to wall sanitary fixtures: when to choose them

Flush-to-wall sanitary wares are another modern and practical choice for furnishing a bathroom. In addition to resting on the floor, these toilets and bidets adhere completely to the wall, leaving no empty spaces. Hence they are space-savers, perfect for creating a sense of compactness in the whole room and gaining as much as 10 centimeters extra. Flush-to-wall sanitary fixtures are easier to sanitize, because they eliminate the problem of empty spaces where dust generally accumulates. Since the drain is covered, they also have a linear and refined aesthetic impact. 

Black sanitary ware: extreme elegance 

To be inserted as elements in a total black space or as contrasting features in a bathroom with a bright color scheme, black sanitary wares remain a chic, captivating option. They are come in both gloss ceramic, for a fresh and seductive touch, and matt ceramic, for a very classy effect. 

Colorful sanitary wares for a bathroom that is never boring

Among the proposals there are collections with colored sanitary wares for those who want to give the bathroom an original and imaginative look. When to prefer pastel shades and when to opt for brighter tones? The choice of coloring depends on the effect you want to achieve. If the colors of the earth accompany a bathroom with a delicate and welcoming personality, blue or pink blend perfectly with a cheerful pop look.

Modern sanitary wares: contexts of application

Modern sanitary fixtures can find a place in both private interiors to create contemporary bathrooms and public designer spaces, offering guests and patrons a welcoming, comfortable and beautiful place in every detail. Whatever the ambiance, it is important to assess the choice taking all factors into account: aesthetics, practicality, size of the room, reliability and quality.


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