Porta Volta

Collection: Molteni&C New Collection 2023

Category: Seating

Porta Volta

The Porta Volta Chair by Herzog & de Meuron marks a new chapter of collaboration between Molteni&C and the renowned international architectural firm and long-term partners of Molteni Group. 

Designed by
Herzog & de Meuron

A special edition Porta Volta chair will be featured in the main reading room at The National Library of Israel in Jerusalem. Molteni&C’s sister brand, Unifor, is collaborating on the exciting project by managing the remodeling of the reading room, including all shelving and built-in furniture to ensure the interior components work in harmony.

The Porta Volta Chair is an immediately striking piece. The design’s defining element comes from the solid wood back which is curved in a U-shape, creating an inviting and enveloping feel. The floating backrest extends further to create armrests. If desired, the backrest can be bisected by a customizable cushion. 

“Until now, we’ve always created furniture — chairs and stools, tables, and lamps — spontaneously, intuitively, and in response to a personal need or a specific project in a specific place. This is why a geographical reference often figures in the names of our furniture and objects. The Porta Volta Chair is an exception: I wanted to design a chair with an armrest because there are hardly any that I like. I wanted it to be comfortable, welcoming, and commodious. Like a room to sit down in, rather than just sitting down on something.”

Jacques Herzog
Porta Volta |  Herzog & de Meuron

For even more comfort and a personal touch, the Porta Volta chair offers optional padding on the backrest. The rectangular shaped padding provides an added opportunity for customization with a range of fabrics and leathers.