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Phar Lap by Gordon Guillaumier

Phar Lap is the lounge chair designed to bring comfort and protection to collective spaces, thanks to a slender structure inspired by the design of the seventies.

The shaped backrest extends upwards to allow a distinct posture and, at the same time, shield the seat from the surrounding environment. The distinctive element of the seat is the elegant visible structure, which in this project is taken to the extreme with a result of solidity and refined geometry.

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Phar Lap by Gordon Guillaumier

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Phar Lap by Gordon Guillaumier

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Phar Lap by Gordon Guillaumier

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Phar Lap by Gordon Guillaumier

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Product description
The protection offered by the backrest, combined with the excellent soundproofing qualities guaranteed by LaCividina structures, allow Phar Lap to create private spaces within any collective environment.
To complete the light and refined aesthetics of Phar Lap is the detail of the structure with the visible metal base, which wraps the backrest with in result solidity and refined geometry.

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Product name

Phar Lap


Gordon Guillaumier

Production process
This innovative lounge chair consists of two elements: an ergonomic seat, lanceolate, and a particular curved backrest that tapers upwards to shield the seat from the surrounding environment, while allowing a distinct posture.


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Designed by
Gordon Guillaumier