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_B612 pendant lamp

Collection: _B612

Category: Lighting

Henri Bursztyn - _B612 pendant lamp

_B612 creates visual magic through the mastery of invisible LED technology. Inspired by armillary sphere, 4 independent adjustable rings offer an infinite diversity of lighting angles. 

With a maximum lamp/user interaction _B612 adjusts to one’s need or wish, creating a unique object. 

_B612 comes as a table lamp with its base made of brushed steel, and pendant light suspended from its power cable. 

For an ultimate comfort, _B612 ‘s light intensity is dimmable, and comes with a wireless remote control. 

Available in different finishes and sizes : 

- Wood version : diameters 51 / 70 / 95 cm

- Metal version : diameters 39 / 51 cm

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