Architype™ System

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Architype™ System

The Architype™ System is an expression of furniture in architectural key. It consists of Boiserie and Door, in dialogue with Freedhome® and Wallover® thanks to a perfect integration of finishes, dimensions and functionalities.

Architype™ is a new language for interior design, in which Boiserie and Door combine with storage to revolutionise the concept of wall. The System is linked to three core notions. Architectural: for free design that overcomes structural constraints. Types: just as printed characters create a language, so the System creates a new way of expressing furniture. Archetype: focuses on the archetypes of the home, which determine the organisation of spaces, such as walls and doors.

Boiserie is designed to cover walls, corners and pillars, and to join Freedhome® in continuity until it becomes double-sided: the storage turns into wall and organises the space with no need for masonry. It accommodates the suspended units of Wallover®, the complements and the bed collection. The integration of finishes, dimensions and functionality creates a fluid and uninterrupted space, characterised by continuity.

Door gives the System project value. It joins Boiserie and Freedhome® and ocmpletes the wall by creating a passage between two rooms. Thus, the capacity of Freedhome® is transformed into an opportunity to organise space: a true storage wall.


TAILOR MAKING ATTITUDE - Architype™ + Freedhome®


CONTINUITY OF SPACE - Architype™ + Freedhome®


PERFORMING LIGHT - Architype™ + Freedhome®

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