The right lighting can make the difference between an ordinary room and an extraordinary ambiance. Thanks to their refined aesthetics and the choice of precious materials, modern chandeliers add a touch of elegance and personality to any interior.


Modern chandeliers: different types

Modern chandeliers are much more than simple furnishing accessories. In their most refined form they become veritable jewels of style, capable of completely transforming the appearance of an interior.

If floor chandeliers are the secret to creating a soft atmosphere in the living room, table lamps are perfect for bright and direct lighting. Wall sconces are highly valued for their versatility: they can be used to create ambient or accent lighting according to preference. Let's look at the different possibilities in detail. 

Floor chandeliers and floor lamps

Floor chandeliers are a particularly striking type of light source. They can serve a variety of purposes, lighting up a whole room, embellishing a specific area or picking out certain decorative features. Floor lamps (also called standard lamps) are often adjustable in height and offer different lighting intensities – from the brightest to the softest – to meet multiple needs. A designer floor lamp can play a leading role in the interior of the room, thanks to the scenic effects it is capable of. 

Table lamps: bedside lamps and desk lamps

Table lamps are an essential element in an office, on a desktop and on the bedside table in the bedroom. To fit conveniently even into small spaces, they usually have a slim silhouette and a minimalist design. However, there are also more impressive lamps, for those who want an impactful solution. 

Bedside lamps, more than all the other kinds, are designed not only to meet aesthetic needs, but also for well-being: lighting has an important influence on the quality of sleep. The desk lamp also meets specific practical needs: it has to be intuitive in use, but at the same time at the forefront in terms of functionality and adjustment. 

Wall lamp

The wall lamp or sconce is a lighting element applied directly to the wall, highly valued for its elegance. Its uses are endless: among the most common we find wall lamps for the bedroom, perfect for creating special light effects by casting shadows and relaxing reflections, and bathroom wall lamps, designed to resist humidity and ensure the utmost safety and durability.  Wall lamps can also be used to illuminate particular points of an interior, such as paintings, bookcases or mirrors. Modern wall lamps can be equipped with several features, such as a dimmer or the presence of motion sensors for automatic switching. There are also outdoor wall lamps, important for lighting entrances, stairs, passages and parking areas, as well as enhancing external facades made of distinctive materials such as natural stone.

Bedroom chandelier and bedroom lighting 

The choice of chandelier for the bedroom depends mainly on three and factors: aesthetic taste, size of the room and the desired lighting effect. If the bedroom is small, a light and minimalist pendant lamp is the best option to give greater breadth to the room, while if it is spacious, a large and imposing chandelier immediately conjures up a regal character. 

Bedroom lighting plays a key role in creating a cozy and comfortable room. Warm light, for example, is perfect for promoting sleep, while white light may be more suitable for wardrobe lighting or reading.

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lamps are lights commonly used to illuminate interiors. Compared to other solutions, they are often chosen for their uniform, diffused illumination over a large area as well as their minimum footprint. LEDceiling lights are also very energy efficient and guarantee longer life. Modern ceiling lights are available in a wide range of shapes and materials, such as glass, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic, which can be processed and shaped into various forms to create original and contemporary design effects.

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