Gazebos, pergolas and umbrellas

Quiet moments enjoyed in the shade of gazebos, pergolas and sun umbrellas is what we need during the hot lush summers. These are combined with sun awnings, garden awnings and sail shades for a complete range of exterior design solutions. In summer, awnings, gazebos, pergolas and sun umbrellas are officially identified as welcoming structures, versatile and functional, surprisingly capable of playing with forms and colors, while providing shade from the scorching sun. Whether creating a space where people can get together or a personal refuge, they convey a sense of beauty and practicality, making it possible to fully enjoy the joys of outdoor life.


Longer and brighter days are a panacea for those who love to enjoy the summer to the full; but a shaded corner also becomes functional if fitted with spots of shade, such as extensible awnings, shade sails, drop-down awnings or gazebos to offer not only the satisfaction of enriching their spaces with modern  awnings, but also the security of being able to take advantage of practical awnings that can adapt to different outdoor settings.

Outdoor awnings

Outdoor awnings are now veritable cutting-edge combinations of technology and design. Some of the most innovative models of awnings rely, among their many features, above all on automation. Equipped with climate sensors, they make it possible to choose the time and mode of opening and closing the awning.

Drop-down awnings

This type of awning is characterized by a horizontal or vertical opening mechanism. The primary objective guiding their design is the ability to close and screen windows and outdoor spaces. Some drop-down awnings also come equipped with innovative dimmable LED lighting systems, making it possible to enjoy outdoor spaces to the full, illuminating the space and still preventing a view of the interior, ensuring the utmost privacy.

Awnings for balconies

Whether they are applied to recessed balconies, overhung or cantilevered balconies, or stacked balconies, balcony awnings succeed with a range of smart solutions in creating a cool space protected from the sun. The most modern balcony awnings have the quality of integrating perfectly and elegantly with old and new buildings, transmitting the idea, even for those looking from the outside, of a colorful balcony perfectly matching its setting.


Gazebos are open, self-supporting structures, often made of wood or metal, that provide shelter and a protected outdoor area. They feature domed or pitched roofs and open or partially closed walls. Gazebos are ideal for creating a space devoted to relaxation and entertainment, transforming gardens and courtyards into welcoming places for clients, family or friends. 

Garden gazebos

 Garden gazebos, thanks to their solid structures, are the ideal solution for transforming outdoor spaces into oases of serenity, because they offer shelter from the weather, create a welcoming atmosphere and can act as a focal point for business meetings or leisure moments.


Wooden gazebos

Featuring high-quality materials such as solid wood, for example, wooden gazebos combine absolute stability, thanks to their sturdy structure and the natural beauty emanating from the rustic and authentic charm of the raw material from which they are made.

Iron gazebos

Always refined, iron gazebos are mostly made of durable materials such as wrought iron, to name just one. Among their distinctive features we find artistic details such as curved lines and ornaments, in some cases intricate, which give the structure its own fascinating aesthetic and the garden a regal atmosphere.

Folding gazebos

For a practical solution adaptable to almost any outdoor space, and ideal for outdoor events such as a picnic, folding gazebos are lightweight structures that offer great convenience for transport since they can easily be dismantled.


Pergolas are architectural structures that, perhaps, among the many, most enhance outdoor spaces. Characterized by a series of columns and horizontal beams, they create a solid and elegant covering. They can be embellished with climbing plants, turning them into veritable arches of greenery and creating an ideal space for relaxing or hosting convivial moments out of doors.

Garden umbrellas

Among outdoor umbrellas, together with terrace umbrellas, garden umbrellas also have a crucial role to playwhich is sometimes much more than a simple parasol, like the ones designed primarily to produce shade while also serving as windbreaks. Some garden umbrellas are cantilevered and thanks to their minimalist forms, they create a relaxing effect; others can follow the movement of the sun during the day without obstructing the space.

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