Coatings and Claddings are true furnishing elements to decorate and enrich the style of interiors and exteriors. At the same time, they can meet a practical need for thermal and acoustic protection and insulation. This page presents different proposals for different areas of the home, from ideas for the bathroom to projects for the kitchen.

Bathroom cladding: what to consider

In curating the image of the bathroom, cladding plays a leading role in creating the desired atmosphere. Modern bathroom cladding consists of high-quality materials, suitable for everyday use and created to look new even after frequent exposure to moisture. In the case of bathroom tiles, porcelain stoneware solutions are perfect for combining durability and beauty. 

Kitchen claddings: how to choose

Kitchen cladding solutions are designed to meet different stylistic requirements: from refined and minimalist cladding to the richest and most elaborate effects, from warm and welcoming tones to cold and elegant colors. How to choose the cladding for a modern kitchen? It all depends on the feeling you want to achieve. To create an impression of larger spaces it is preferable to favor light colors, not only on the walls, but also the floors and ceiling. Dark colors are perfect for an industrial effect, giving the interior a sophisticated character. 

Wallpaper: a timeless choice 

To recreate natural and floral environments, or a Pop effect, a creative-abstract look or a geometrically appealing ambiance: wallpaper’s potential is truly endless. Thanks to its versatility, it can transform even the most featureless room into an interesting and highly expressive space. The solutions presented here are distinguished by artistic imagination, excellent color rendering and durability. 

Wainscoting: wooden surfaces 

Wainscoting blends perfectly with both a classic and contemporary style and is much loved for its refinement. It consists of the application, usually on the walls, of wooden panels of different sizes and types. This type of cladding can be the subject of fine craftsmanship and enriched with three-dimensional effects. Wainscoting can also be combined with other materials such as marble and metals, to create an interplay of textures and dimensions. 

Stone cladding: nature in the home

Stone cladding is much favored those who want design solutions with natural charm. In the proposals selected in this section, cladding of this type evolves into refined artistic interpretations. Another possibility is offered by stone-effect porcelain stoneware tiles, for strikingly unique interiors.

External wall cladding: practicality and aesthetics 

Some of the solutions presented for facing the walls of interiors can also be applied as exterior cladding, to decorate and protect the wall of the terrace or garden. Exterior cladding can cover a large space or even a small part of a wall, depending on your needs and the design effect you want to achieve. 

Shower surrounds: an element calling for care 

Among the various parts of the house, shower cladding deserves special attention. In addition to being the most exposed to water, it plays a fundamental role in bathroom cladding as it occupies an extensive area intended for relaxing moments. 

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