From more than 40 years, producing transforming, space-saving furniture.

The extraordinary interpretative capabilities demonstrated by our company for all that is “function” and “multi-function” has lead us to the construction of and entire collection of transforming tables, extending consoles, dining tables, and height-adjustable coffee tables coordinated with chairs and tools in a few years. This is the functional heart of Altacom: a varied and complete collection of products in constant evolution.


ALTACOM develops, produces and offers furnishing solutions that allow to retina the home environment in a smarter way, with a particular attention to the optimization of spaces that are more and more reduced in the current world.

ALTACOM is a real specialisti of the trasformino table and of all that is function and multi-function. In its career ALTACOM has given birth to a wide Collection of transforming tables, extending consoles and dining tables.

Our approach wants to underline the importance of conviviality even in the smallest places.


The Made in Italy does not gelate only to our products but it is at the base of all our choices.

In our factories in Musile di Piave all the phases, from engineering to the final assemble are enclosed. We have a special focus on the processing of metal which is our distinguishing character.

This tight link with our Territory is enriched by a network of local supplirei thank to which we can say our product is not only made in Italy but also a “zero mile” one.


ALTACOM has a technological and automated factory while maintaining its artisanal soul.

The strong equilibrium between the high precision guaranteed by modern machinaries and the art of craftiness has lead us to a highly evolved and unique product, that distinguish itself for quality and originality.