Minimal or majestic, contemporary or classic, the beds on this page all have two shared features: comfort and style. From double beds to queen-size beds and single solutions, the comprise refined materials, unique details and harmonious combinations in each brand. What are the possibilities? How to decide what suits you best? 

Double beds

Double beds have a standard width of 160 cm and an average length of 190 cm. Among the different brands available we find some with a purer and more essential design, perfect for minimalist settings, and more enveloping models, aesthetically richer, for a regal and luxurious effect. As far as colors are concerned, warm and natural colors are very popular, but there are also bolder and shadier hues. 

Compact double beds, French bed and single bed

Many of the double beds presented are also available in other sizes, such as queen-size beds measuring 120x190 cm, Compact double beds measuring 140x190 cm or single beds measuring 90x190. Queen-size beds are particularly suitable for teenagers, as well as all who sleep alone and want to enjoy the utmost in well-being. In particular, they’re the ideal choice for everyone who has a restless sleep pattern and tends move about a lot during the night.

Folding beds 

Folding beds are a smart way to save space in rooms where space is at a premium. These are transformable systems with advanced technology, created to ensure ease of opening, safe closure and perfect performance over time. The folding bed, also known as a pull-out bed or retractable bed, once closed often turns into a desk or sofa to afford a dual function in a single product. It is also available in the double and single bed version, and even bunk beds.

Container beds: double and single container beds

Container beds are another space-saving bed design. Equipped with box containers, these models enable you to easily tilt and raise the mattress to create a clean closed space to store blankets, bed linen or garments for the change of season. Perfect for small apartments or whenever you want extra space to keep a room looking tidy. Double container beds are the most popular option, but single beds with storage spaces are also available if desired.

Bunk beds

Much loved by children, bunk beds are perfect for optimizing space in a room shared by siblings. Solid and quality materials are combined with padded protection barriers to create unique structures safe in every detail. 

King-size beds

Introduced in the mid-1950s in America, king-size beds are both longer and wider. Ideal for a couple looking for maximum comfort or to welcome the whole family on Sunday morning into a single, soft refuge. 

Beds: design and fantasy 

Among the different beds suggested, some stand out by their special shape or a striking headboard. For these collections, beds become veritable furnishings, products of craftsmanship using refined materials.

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