Twenty Iconic Spanish Design Pieces


This article in Spanish Elle Decor showcases the most significant design objects created by Iberian masters. The journey begins in 1902, when Antonio Gaudí designed the Calvet furniture collection, continuing through the mid-1930s with Josep Torres Clavé, one of the founders of GATCPAC (Grupo de Arquitectos y Técnicos Catalanes para el Progreso de la Arquitectura Contemporánea) and his eponymous chair, still in production in the Mobles 114 Editions catalogue. The 1960s brought iconic pieces like Miguel Milá’s 1961 TMM lamp for Santa & Cole, and Rafael Marquina’s oil cruet for Nani Marquina. Xavier Marshal’s 1981 Duplex stool piqued the Memphis Group’s interest; Vincent Martínez designed the Literatura bookcase for Punt Mobles in 1985, and in 1986 Jorge Pensi presented the Toledo chair for Resol. The famous Gaulino chair designed by Óscar Tusquets for BD Barcelona, a homage to Antonio Gaudí and Carlo Mollino, first appeared in 1987. La Mediterránea launched the delightful Siesta pitcher designed by Héctor Serrano, Raki and Alberto Martínez in 1999 (after a change of ownership, it is now available from Gandía Blasco).

“Spanish designers and companies have forged the history of Spanish design with now-legendary pieces. Not only the famous Chupa-Chups or the mop; many other designs have travelled beyond Spain’s borders to become true icons. From furniture to taps and toilets, not forgetting lamps and kitchenware, we showcase a selection of ground-breaking classics that broke the mould in their day, many of which are still in production.” (read the full article online)

Magazine: Elle Decor Spain
Nazione: Spain
Articolo: Our Icons: Twenty Essential Pieces of Spanish Design You Need to Know About
Autore: Editorial staff, Elle Decor
Photo: courtesy of Elle Decor España

24 March 2022