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Clip by Ditre Italia

Ditre Italia, Clip bed, design by Nika Zupanc 

We asked Sharon Abdalla, editor-in-chief of HAUS | PinÓ | Gazeta do Povo, to share the Brazilian magazine’s take on the world of the bedroom 

Haus Pinò

“If we have to pick one room in the home as the most comfortable, without a doubt, that would for us be the bedroom, the place where we rest mind and body, love, reflect on life, and dream. And if you ask us what would our dream bedroom look like, if we take into consideration the designers and brands exhibiting at the Salone, the answer is potentially endless. We’ve been bringing out a dedicated report on the Salone for a long time now – this is the twelfth consecutive time. In each edition, we explore how materials, ergonomics, bed design and, above all, closet design is evolving. Closets are not just places to store objects or hide clutter, they are decorative elements in their own right. With glass doors opening onto the surrounding space, they reveal the most precious and habitual sides of life, the history of whoever lives in that space. This evolution has given closets a new, multifunctional character. Just as we and many of the spaces we live in have adapted during the pandemic, closets are no longer just for the kitchen or bedroom, they have taken on multiple purposes. Duly accessorized, it is not uncommon today to find a closet in the dining room repurposed as a bookcase or wine cellar, or in the living room, housing a workstation. There are so many advantages: more freedom to change, adapt the house to your needs, or live your home to its full potential without making a major investment, not to mention prolonging the life of that item. Furniture lasts longer thanks to a plethora of options, high-quality materials and timeless design, offering advantages in terms of sustainability, a key and urgent issue for the future of our industry and the planet. We will continue to closely and passionately keep an eye on the power of design to transform our lives, and are committed to sharing what we find with the world.” (read the magazine here)

11 May 2022