À Vivre
Aston Cord Minotti

Traveling, furniture, gardens and much more: all in the April, May and June issue of À Vivre

A vivre

À Vivre dedicates a special issue to open-air life in all of its variations, ranging from garden furniture to splendid villas – built an inch from water or immersed in greenery – to tech accessories that make outdoor life more comfortable than ever. “Sun dance or spring cleaning?” ask Clémentine Roland and Agathe Jarretou, editors in chief of the French magazine, in their editors’ letter. “We’ll let you decide, but please bow (and sunbathe) in front of the beautiful months when fields and flowers blossom. With À Vivre’s 194 pages, we invite you on a tour of the events and festivals that will set the pace for the three months of spring in France, then introduce twelve surprising projects: buildings that open up to the outdoor environment according to different seasons and uses. They all have one thing in common: in the open air and with elegance, these modern homes pay homage to their region’s construction know-how and traditions. Thus, with a little luck, regular watering and strong sun, some of these ideas disseminated by the wind may find a place to bloom in your own house.” (check out the À Vivre website) 


Magazine: À Vivre 
Country: France 
Special Outdoor 
Photo: Aston “cord” by Minotti

25 May 2022