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MacGuffin presents CHAINS, its very first podcast – which bears the title of the latest issue of the Dutch magazine – hosted by Alix de Massiac

MacGuffin Chains issue

“In the five-part podcast CHAINS, Alix de Massiac paints a portrait of the Amsterdamse Stadsbank van Lening, a four-hundred-year-old pawnshop that’s a unique combination of business and social service. The Stadsbank lends money, accepting jewellery as collateral. Payment is immediate, but onward sale or melting down are irrevocable if the loan isn’t paid off on time” - check out here the editorial project by MacGuffin.


Magazine: MacGuffin 
Country: Netherlands 
Date: 17th January 2023  
Article: A MacGuffin podcast 
Photo: The Baltic way, 1989, ph. Aivars Liepiņš 

20 January 2023