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Aran Cucine, Erika

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The Australian blog dedicated to bathrooms and kitchens inaugurates its summer series (summer down south) with a string of themed specials, the first of which is dedicated to kitchens. “Introducing the TKBB Summer Series – we’re on a very well-deserved break but have no fear…we’ve assembled a compilation of Best of…… topics for you to enjoy during your summer break. We’re super lucky to be sent information on the best of everything kitchen! Here’s a selection of the best of the best trends and themes for all things “kitchens”. (full article)


Magazine: The Kitchen & Bathroom Blog 
Country: Australia 
Article: “TKBB Summer Series - Kitchens, Kitchens, Kitchens!” 
Author: Melanie Gardener 
Photo: Erika kitchen, by Aran Cucine

4 May 2022