Pictures and music to celebrate the 60 years of Salone del Mobile.Milano


At Palazzo Dugnani, to narrate the 60 editions of Salone del Mobile.Milano, two musical performances with Madame and Fabri Fibra and an immersive path in the shade of the Tiepolo

A unique night, on June 9, to celebrate 60 years of the cultural transformation, expressive contamination and experimentation that Salone del Mobile.Milano has brought in Milan and in the rest of the world.

In occasion of the anniversary, Salone del Mobile.Milano has commissioned LaTarma Entertainment, in cooperation with Live Nation, the ideation and the production of a special night for the 60th edition of the Exhibition.

A unique location like Palazzo Dugnani, an historic Milan building representative of Italian baroque, which overlooks the central Porta Venezia gardens, hosted the event that depicted the 6 decades that Salone has covered.

Right there, in the gardens that circle the fountain, after Maria Porro’s (President of Salone del Mobile.Milano) and Claudio Feltrin’s (President of FederlegnoArredo) regards, Madame, one of the most innovative singers of the contemporary music scene, took the stage (of minimal visual impact, to preserve the beauty of the venue) to portray the continuous search for expressivity, contamination and the thought of the new generations. Madame brought the definite 60s sound, reinterpreted in the present-day’s spirit, of her new single, “L’Eccezione”, as well as some of her most known tracks, such as “Baby”, “Sciccherie” and “Mi fiderò”, through which she was able to capture the current times and offer a new perspective, to interpret them with an eye always turned towards the future.

Fabri Fibra, forefather of the Italian rap genre, a unique artist and pioneer that changed the tastes and vision of a whole generation and mutated rap into culture, was next on the lineup, to talk about modernity and experimentations through his songs. The first song in his repertoire was “Il mio amico”, featuring Madame, then with Lazza (a top-level Milan-based rapper and producer) for the three-piece track “Caos” and right after with Maurizio Carucci (singer and leader of the “Ex Otago” band) for the song “Stelle”. Fabri Fibra then closed his concert with “Pamplona” and “Propaganda”, one of his latest singles that, two months after its release, is still leading the top charts.

Marf and Zef, two among the most appreciated producers in the Italian music scene - having collaborated often with some of the most important artists right now - completed this musical journey with a dj set, celebrating these 60 years of changes through reinterpretations of some of the most known and loved beats from the past, through unexpected mash ups and contemporary reinterpretations of the great classics we all enjoy.

To portray this long journey of Salone del Mobile.Milano, inside Palazzo Dugnani, attendees could find an immersive trail, designed through six rooms of the building – one per decade, starting from the 60s -, all animated, for one night, thanks to the 3D processing of the manifestos symbolic of the Salone’s history. The technological installations, all different per room and created by a young collective of visual artists, were built to give new life, in total expressive freedom, to these historic representations of creativity and to value, in a unique and surprising way, the audience through the various digital contents.

A trail that sees its apex in the “Sala da Ballo”, a ballroom made famous by the great mural of the Tiepolo, which dominates the room from the ceiling and has met, in this occasion, the modernity of the six original creations by Emiliano Ponzi, realized for the communication campaign of this 60th edition of the Salone. Six manifestos that celebrate its story, narrating its unbreakable bond to Milan and to the evolution of design. Just like that, switching between a Milan interior of the 60s and the hippie city of the 70s, from the “Milano da bere”, the Milan to drink of the 80s to the Teatro alla Scala of the 90s and the new spaces of the Rho Fiera Milano by Fuksas of the first decade of the 2000s, we arrive to the most recent manifesto, dedicated to the decade that just ended, with an eye towards the future: a figure in backlight that admires the Milan skyline while it draws the number 60 in its tablet, to represent the tensione towards the future and the necessity to preserve and always cultivate creativity, a surge of optimism that the Salone has always depicted, in all of its editions. A new step to find out what awaits us.

A celebration of music and art, made possible also thanks to the cooperation of its partners, such as Acqua San Bernardo and Ca’ del Bosco, which has “refreshed” the guest of the night, and STS, CUE, WOA, Evastomper for the technical and artistic side of the event.

11 June 2022