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PEPITES - Rocher 1 Secret

Categoria: Complementi d'arredo

Pépite 1 Secret

In order to always better support the creativity of Chefs, Raynaud has created this collection of porcelain boxes ideal for presenting and revealing the most delicate dishes. 

Cut like precious stones, with facets sublimated by the matte finish of the porcelain or by iridescent colours, these precious cases enchant the presentation of small tasting portions.

The Pépites invite you to discover appetizers and sweets, but also the accompaniments of a dish, condiments, butter, olive oil or chocolates in a poetic and mysterious setting.

Made up and adorned with iridescent and metallic pastel tones or internally illuminated with gold and mat platinum, the Pepites become real jewels that elegantly accessorize and embellish the table. Available in a palette of 11 iridescent shades such as Gold, Pearl, Sandstone or Black. The light plays with the material and the reflections of the enamel, the iridescent pigments are delicately deposited on a matte background.