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Nucleo Collection, Design Monica Graffeo

From these new concepts Nucleo was conceived, a complete collection of furniture for common and collaborative areas, waiting, break, lounge, but also for meetings and touch-down workstations.

As in a city, the square is the fulcrum of life, because it is a place of exchange and interaction, so in a company’s office space it becomes fundamental having a central place where priority is teamwork, communication, ease of movement. The office layout transforms itself, no more individual stations, cubicles and few meeting rooms, but flexible spaces where people can communicate, exchange ideas, move but also work where they better perform their tasks.


Cafeteria Nucleo, Design Monica Graffeo


As can be seen on the right detail, all Nucleo panels can be double-sided and have different fabrics between sides; in this case, for example, external fabric Cat. H, moka 986 and internal fabric Cat. I, grigio chiaro 951


Nucleo temporary work can be placed side by side to create original shapes and non-rigid layouts within the office. Nucleo temporary work is a workplace where you can take refuge to concentrate but also to share short moments.


Depending on the functionality request, Nucleo Business can be personalized by inserting turnable tables with a fixed tray below, in oak finish, power socket and usb for easy connection and side armrests to make this working seat even more comfortable.


Nucleo pouf can be enriched and evolved in an elegant daybed, or in a comfortable sofa with fixed table; it only depends on how we want to play with backrest, armrests and tables.


Fabric seat Cat. H, grigio scuro 895 and back Cat. I, grigio scuro 954.


Nucleo Corner W. 1900 D. 650 H. 1750 mm in fabric Cat. I, grigio scuro 954. Hooked table with solid oak top W. 1400 D. 700 H. 1050 mm. 

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New technologies have revolutionized ways, times and places of work, leaving people free to carry out their activities as they see fit and to work wherever there is the possibility of connecting. The office has thus become no longer a static place that requires desks and assigned seats, but increasingly a place for sharing and socializing, where barriers no longer exist and where relationships create new ideas and stimuli, fueling people’s efficiency. 

The modular collection Nucleo can be configured, modified and implemented at any time offering uncountable combinations and always adapting to the needs of a work in progress, simple poufs can replace the desk and become comfortable and informal work areas. 


Nucleo Pantry is a service cabinet designed to furnish break areas but also to be inserted in elegant meeting rooms. It has been designed to support and contain equipment for the preparation of coffee and drinks but also to accommodate tables H. 750 or H. 1050 mm suitable for sharing moments of relaxation

Designed by
Monica Graffeo
Product description
Office layout in recent years has undergone profound changes, no longer many individual stations and offices, individual cubicle and few meeting rooms, but flexible spaces where people can communicate, exchange ideas, move but also work in total privacy.

From these new concepts Nucleo was conceived, a complete collection of furniture for common and collaborative areas, waiting, break, lounge, but also for meetings and touch-down workstations.

A complete answer for the realization of open space work environments, through flexible, modular, sound-absorbing and totally customizable furniture.
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Monica Graffeo

Different elements in the collection, dimensions and finishes


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