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Ikat kitchen

Collection: Ikat

Category: Kitchen furniture


A perfect blend of functionality, convenience and innovation, the Ikat kitchen is a technological gem designed to raise standards in the luxury kitchen sector.

Drawing on Bizzotto Italia’s long history and expertise in the creation of high-end bespoke projects, the Ikat kitchen is conceived as a monobloc compact system, a hidden treasure-chest of high-end household appliances. Designed with multifunction technological solutions and an ideal lighting system for perfect visual and functional comfort. The passion for raw materials is expressed in the use of choice woods, with elegant natural oak wood doors combined with a warm hazelnut finish that fits perfectly into every luxury interior design scheme. The tall cabinets with four sliding doors that fold away in a pocket system offer easy access to spaces, while the corner units with doors maximize use of the space available. The top of the kitchen island is a sliding surface that conceals the sink and mixer tap and provides an impeccable working counter in immaculate contemporary style. The island with top in Dekton by Cosentino is an unprecedented innovation. This innovative high-tech material is a sophisticated blend of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature, produced using the exclusive TSP technology. An ultracompact material with superior performance and no carbon emissions, which delivers unrivaled durability and beauty. The Ikat kitchen is the perfect combination of aesthetic elegance and leading-edge technology. And every detail can be customized, reflecting Bizzotto Italia’s commitment to excellence in design and function.