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Maria Porro, guest editor Ad China

The places of Maria Porro's heart in the latest issue of AD China - of which she is guest editor 

Ad China March 2023

Maria Porro is the first guest editor of AD China, portrayed in an article entitled Maria Porro: vitality and courage, read it entirely here. For this issue Maria Porro chooses her places in the heart of Milan: “I chose these places because they exemplify the theme of evolution and transformation. The same that distinguishes the Salone del Mobile.Milano, especially in recent editions. Layer after layer, year after year, these buildings have changed according to historical moments and needs of use, while always keeping their roots firmly in their origins. Living places, in harmony with the passage of time. Milan has a history dating back to 400 BC. and was dominated by Celts, Romans, Goths, Lombards, Spanish and Austrians before becoming an industrial and economic centre, and international capital of design, thanks to the input of the Salone del Mobile.Milano.”

Maria Porro

Magazine: AD China 
Country: China 
Issue: March 2023 
Article: Maria Porro: vitality and courage 
Author: Beryl Hsu 
Photo: Zhu Hai, Enza Tamborra 

22 March 2023