Video of Marva Griffin’s Honorary Degree ceremony at the Polytechnic University of Milan

Marva Griffin Wilshire 

On Tuesday, 7th September at 5.00pm, the Polytechnic University of Milan awarded an Honorary  Degree in Product Service System Design to Marva Griffin Wilshire  

“Marva Griffin’s career is symbolic of her ability to understand and steer all the different expressions and phases of design: from concept to development, from production to promotion and communication. She valorises the distinguishing features of cultures, countries, generations and the industrial potential of design, and therefore also its productive and financial impact. Constantly on the look-out for ideas, innovations, languages and authors capable of expressing new horizons and visions – with different sensitivities and cultures – Marva Griffin has valued and supported them throughout her magisterial career and she continues to do so.”

This is the Polytechnic University of Milan’s official motivation for conferring an Honorary  Degree in Product Service System Design on Marva Griffin Wilshire. 

The video of the award ceremony is being streamed at the following link: 

7 September 2021