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Cristobal Emeraude - Dessert plate Ø 22 cm motif #1

Categoria: Complementi d'arredo

Cristobal Emeraude - Plate Ø 22 cm

An Alberto Pinto creation for Raynaud, with every piece carefully studied, each one bearing its own story.

For the 2022 Cristobal creation, Raynaud has selected a shimmering green, as tribute to submarine vegetation.

Close attention has been paid to the colour—instead of a monochrome finish, Cristobal features different colour processes: highly saturated solids as on the hand-painted cup handles, the knob of the teapot, sugar bowl and soup dish, while the range and shading of the corals on the plates and service pieces are so rich, so varied, that they seem to have been painted in watercolour.