mindo 106 lounge group

Collection : mindo 106

Categoria: Divani e poltrone

mindo 106 high back lounge chair

This comfortable lounge group activates all senses with its curved, organic form of the frame and the abundant use of Italian rope. The soft, wide braid intertwines with the aluminium profiles, weaving in and out of the unique structure, creating sculptural furniture for the terrace. The eye-catching high back lounge chair invites and embraces, giving a feeling of tranquility and seclusion. The collection is made up of two sofas, two lounge chairs, a versatile footstool, and a clever coffee table with a ceramic top.

Mindo is a Danish-based outdoor furniture brand with a sustainable perspective on outdoor living. With a strong focus on design and materials, mindo offers high-quality outdoor furniture without compromising on aesthetics or comfort.