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dagallà cover

ph Carlotta Manaigo
art Motel409
styling Sonia Pravato, Costanza Manzoni

Of Arabic derivation, “Dag allah” literally means “saved by god”. This term is the origin of the Italian word dagala, a word which refers to the islands of vegetation which emerge from the desolate volcanic landscape of solidified lava around Mount Etna.

Dagallà is a collection of 3 different rugs, Formation 1, Formation 2 and Formation 3 which are presented alongside artworks of the artist created specifically for the cc-tapis showroom.

This was the starting point for Edoardo Piermattei, an Italian artist based in Turin, who sees this term as the link between eastern and western cultures, between rug artisans and consumers. Playing with these origins, the artist further transformed the word into Dagallà, seeing the possibility of creating new formations that emerge from the surface of a rug. Dagallà becomes “the skin of this new formation.” – as described by the artist.

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degallà _ formation 1

Dagallà Formation 1
Designed by Edoardo Piermattei

Size: 230x300 cm
Material: Cotton weave, Himalayan wool and silk pile
Quality: B (89.000 knots/sqm)

degallà _ formation 2

Dagallà Formation 2
Designed by Edoardo Piermattei


Size: 230x300 cm
Material: Cotton weave, Himalayan wool and silk pile
Quality: A (125.000 knots/sqm)

Dagallà round

Dagallà Formation 3
Designed by Edoardo Piermattei

Size: 250 x 250
Material: Himalayan wool
Quality: A (125.000 knots/sqm)

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The transitional shift from materials such as cement and pigment to wool and textile was for Edoardo Piermattei a natural consequence of his personal creative approach but working on a collection of rugs meant a literal change of perspective. Accustomed to large scale frescos, murals and sculptures, the artist worked from the bottom up and his creative process underwent a reversal: starting from an aerial view. “Having this cartographic perspective from above is like entering somewhere...stepping onto an emerged world.” An interpretation from above that evokes the link of the original divine meaning of the term “Dag allah”. Piermattei considers Dagallà as a link that eliminates any kind of distance, physical and temporal; a symbol of coexistence between past and present, between before and after that responds to the urge to express shapes, colors and languages on the surface of a rug.

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Descrizione del prodotto

Technique: Hand-knotted
Material: Himalayan wool
Quality: A (125.000 knots/sqm) B (89.000 knots/sqm)
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Edoardo Piermattei



230 x 300 cm


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Designed by
Edoardo Piermattei
Edoardo Piermattei