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Freifrau - new modular sofa "Mia"

Crafting your favorite piece since 2011

The Freifrau Manufaktur was founded by Hansjörg Helweg in 2011. Since then, together with a team of renowned designers and several newcomers, timeless seating furniture is being created and assembled by designers and craftsmen with attention to detail and high demand for sustainability. Our products are modern, voluptuous, elegant and always functional. Furniture from Freifrau Manufaktur can and should be experienced multisensually. Their beauty doesnt stop at looks – cushions soft like clouds and a faint scent only add to the experience, making dinner in Freifrau chairs something special to look forward to every single day. Naturally scented wood, supple leather and luxurious fabrics complete the design of Leya, Amelie, Stella & Co.

Production entirely takes place in germany and relies on traditional craftsmanship. The use of carefully selected and durable materials emphasizes our companies ecological awareness and ensures that future generations will still be able to enjoy Freifrau furniture. 

Mia the modular sofa


With Mia, German designer Ilja Huber has developed a sofa system that embodies the perfect fusion of soft seating

comfort and classic design. The versatile appearance of the sofa is characterised by flexibly positionable

back and armrests, which are reminiscent of large-format cushions that catch the seated person.

Mia is characterised by its modular conception, which allows the sofa to be adapted

in size and shape to individual wishes and environments.

Marie Armchair


When you sit down on the Marie chair, you’ve arrived – arrived in the here and now.

The casually crumpled upholstery of its seating shell is nothing short of an invitation to sit down, lean back,

and switch off – or to communicate, to exchange ideas, to be social. Either way, the design is open, receptive,

like a pair of arms stretched out to give someone familiar a welcoming hug.

Yes, Marie is a safe haven.

Theia Barchair


In this, his second design for Freifrau, Sebastian Herkners concept was to fuse the frame and the seating shell –

not just in technical, but in optical terms, too. This is something he achieved by deliberately 

extending the frame into the back of the shell.

Looking at the Theia Armchair, it certainly has something of an inset gemstone about it – and this is a deliberate reference.

With his new model Theia, Sebastian Herkner has made the chair the jewel in the crown of any room, placing

equal emphasis both on the upholstery and the frame as design elements in such a way as the viewer sees them as one.

Leyasol Family


The design duo Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss created the Leya model, which is now one of the new classics.

With Leyasol, the successful series now has a sister. A filigree, weather-resistant wire frame mimics

the feminine lines so that the shell shape could be retained. The removable cushions can be fitted

with indoor and outdoor materials.

Without supports, Leyasol looks like a work of art and a metal object at the same time.

Grace Lounge Chair with high and low backrests


Introduced in 2021, the range is now being extended to include two lounge chair models and a footstool.

The Grace range – named in honour of the iconic Graces Kelly and Jones – is expanding, with two new

models taking it from the dining room into the lounge. Developed by design duo Hoffmann-Kahleyss,

the lounge chair is Grace by name, graceful by nature, available with both a low and high backrest – and a footstool if required.

Nana Couch and Love Seat


Like sitting on a cloud together: that’s the Nana Couch and the Nana Love Seat, the first additions

to the Nana line designed by Hanne Willmann.

Her design is the perfect combination of unparalleled softness with a straightforward, unfussy aesthetic,

and out of the Nana Chair unveiled in 2021, a sofa and a generously proportioned armchair have now followed,

both best understood as a joint homage to the art of upholstery – and one which, in spite of their

voluminous look, is characterised by simple. yet refined elegance.

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