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Onda Living room

Onda sofa with deep element in leather Anilina Elephant with armchairs without armrests in leather Anilina Zaffron. 

The living area is completed by Pluto cooffee tables and in the background the table with the Onda chairs.

Onda is a project that includes models freely inspired by high fashion leather goods. The use of thick cow leather enhances shapes and workmanship: the visible cuts of the armrest are folded to obtain the clear shape of the profile, then dyed and joined with the exposed metal buckle. Onda can also be made in Camoscio leather, which when buffered by hand, enhances the majesty of the large seats able to offer ample space for relaxation and conversation.

Onda 12 metri


Custom Onda sofa: special extra-long dimensions 10 meters

Divano 2 posti Onda in pelle Anilina Cammello
Composizione con elemento profondo Onda in pelle Camoscio Elefante