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giro so - vesoi

giro tondo composition horizontal suspension

suspension luminaire adjustable in height on steel cables. painted aluminum structure.  

totalblack, totalwhite and brass. also available in wall / ceiling, floor version.

the source at the center of the project, a contemporary expressive language, a hi-tech appeal, minimal silhouette and profile that interact with the space, thus defining new lighting scenarios.

its apparent simplicity erases all that is superfluous and becomes an object.

the recognition of the brand is reflected in the identity of the product and its extreme simplicity of installation.

giro 60 ap - vesoi

giro 60/ap dim emissione lato esterno - 37w 24V 5300lm 3000K - 230V

giro 200 ph - vesoi

giro 60/ph dim emissione lato interno - 37w 24V 5300lm 3000K - 230V

giro linea so - vesoi

giro linea 150/so dim verticale - 30w 24V 4300lm 3000K - 230V

giro tondo so - vesoi

giro tondo 120/so dim verticale emissione lato interno - 77w 24V 11000lm 3000K - 230V

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