Collection: Outdoor

Category: Lighting


Characterized by a compact design and soft and rounded shapes, VADER has been studied in every detail to offer optimal performances and extreme simplicity of use. The different installation systems available have been designed to allow easy connection to the element placed at the base of the projector. A particular installation option is offered by the characteristic hexagonal-shaped base, with which it is possible to create geometric clusters for single or multiple configurations. Conceived as modular elements, VADER floodlights can in fact be connected to each other, allowing to vary the number of projectors used as the conditions of the project and the elements to be illuminated change. The VADER Zoom optical system was developed for manual adjustment of the light beam with emissions from Spot (about 18°) to Medium Wide Flood (about 40°). The adjustment is continuous and not by predefined steps and it is possible to mechanically lock the zoom on the chosen distribution. A practical graduated scale allows you to replicate your choice on multiple fixtures. The Tunable White LED sources that equip VADER also make it possible to identify the most suitable color temperature and possibly adapt it to changing lighting design project needs.

New outdoor modular floodlight, result of the combination of Targetti's expertise and the knowledge of the specific architectural lighting needs of Fisher Marantz Stone.

Designed by
FMS Fisher Marantz Stone