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Crystal Grid

Collection: Preciosa Signature Designs

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Crystal Grid, Preciosa Signature Design by Preciosa Lighting

The Crystal Grid design concept combines the patterns of orthogonality with the sparkle of crystal. It’s a customizable, modular product with hand-blown crystal tubes and an orthogonal structure. 

Inspired by orthogonality

For Crystal Grid, Preciosa’s in-house design team took inspiration from the unmistakable patterns of orthogonality in architecture and design. It features perpendicular lines and minimalist components to ensure the structure and the light stand out. While illuminated bubbles create little sparkles, injected light adds extra shimmer within the crystal tubes.

“We wanted to introduce a lighting concept that showcases modern minimalism with a powerful geometric focus. The result is an artistic, modular installation that envelopes both small and large spaces with light and energy.”

Playing an eye-catching role, the metal components bring an unexpected radiance to the bubbled crystal tubes. Light sources on both ends also mean that the components are entirely lit, offering a multitude of possible dynamic lighting scenes and making a striking centrepiece for any space.

“Interior designers have the opportunity to create something truly personalised and original with Crystal Grid. Versatile and suitable for many different projects, it offers the ability to easily add dynamic lighting effects based on individual briefs. Spaces will feel exquisite and luxurious – thanks to the crafted crystal and metal components that dazzle.”

Completely Customisable with a Sustainable Approach

Crystal Grid’s shape, size, lighting effects, colours and finishes can all be hand-picked. Because of this flexibility, interior designers can create their one-of-a-kind installations to suit their projects – with static or dynamic lighting, as well as the hues to fit their design. The crystal tubes come in various lengths, while five metal surface finish options are available to create different styles of the installation.

The modularity of Crystal Grid also means it can be updated in the future – where its components can be rearranged and the grid can expand or contract to create a new look instead of replacing the entire fixture.


Crystal Beat, immersive site-specific installation

Crystal Grid inspired Preciosa Lighting's exhibition at Salone del Mobile, Crystal Beat. This conceptual installation introduces you to another dimension where music and light combine to transport you to a world of pure sensory immersion. Curious exploration creates an experience in which visitors will feel like they are seeing music and listening to light.

Installation is on display at Euroluce, Fiera Milano, Hall 9, Stand 9.210.