Collection: Luisa

Category: Lighting

Prandina - Luisa

Luisa collection brings with it all the beauty and the history of blown glass, combined with design and innovation. A beauty available in different colours, sizes, finishes and therefore versatile, reinventing itself every time.

In the table or suspension version, the blown glass diffuser of Luisa is decorated with five elegant finishes, some obtained through applied nanotechnologies, and it diffuses a delicate and persuasive light. The metal core, also available in five colours, invites you to play with chromatic combinations and accessories. Luisa collection comes from the creative idea of Gauzak Design Studio based in Barcelona and from our passion and expertise in creating blown glass Italian products.⁠ Luisa represents this Mediterranean fusion, made of artistic knowledge and vibrant influences, and gives it a new real shape with a lamp capable of adding value to all your interiors.

Designed by
Gauzak Design Studio
Prandina - Luisa