Collection: LIFE-SIZE

Category: Lighting

Birdy by Isidro Ferrer

Big Bird and its smaller sibling Birdy were designed by Isidro Ferrer, an award-winning artist who excels at being truly unconventional. These life-size models are made with a classic woodcarving technique called vareta, in collaboration with master Fallas artisan Manolo Martin. The Fallas artisan is unique to Valencia and vareta is a traditional skill in which fine wooden strips are used to reproduce the shape (or ‘skin’) of the object they reflect. Together, Big-Bird and Birdy encapsulate LZF’s penchant for dreaming big and re-engineering the concept of what a lamp can be.

Like graceful birds in flight with their fine wooden plumage and hanging globes of light, Birdy is accomplished feats of wood craftsmanship. This remarkable contemporary sculpture redefines the way in which we think of lamp. Let your imagination soar

Designed by
Isidro Ferrer