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Lapalma - SEELA chairs

SEELA, Antti Kotilainen, 2018, Lapalma

The encounter between Antti Kotilainen and Lapalma has resulted in SEELA, a chair that expresses beauty, with spontaneous contact between wood, polypropylene and steel. The sinuous shell on light bases has an integrated seamless seat-pad. Countless variations. Much serenity.

Lapalma - SEELA chair

SEELA chair detail by Lapalma

Lapalma - SEELA chairs

SEELA chairs by Lapalma

Lapalma - SEELA chairs

SEELA chiars by Lapalma

Lapalma - SEELA outdoor chairs

SEELA outdoor chairs by Lapalma

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Designed by
Antti Kotilainen
Antti Kotilainen
Lapalma - SEELA chairs
Product description
The insert, integrated in the seat and removable by means of 4 screws, is easily interchangeable and can be made of polyurethane, as well as wood, to play with a mix of colours and allow the seat to be positioned in outdoor environments. The entire chair can be upholstered, characterising the insert, if desired, with a different material. The extreme versatility allows you not only to configure a product as closely as possible to your needs, but also to modify certain details over the years, maximising its life cycle and durability. Available with different bases and accessories - such as a writing tablet and armrests - SEELA is an extremely versatile chair, ideal for conference rooms but also as a seat for restaurants and workspaces or for everyday domestic life.

An outdoor version is also available.

Lapalma - SEELA chairs
Product name



Antti Kotilainen


Steel, Eco-leather, Wool, Wood, Poliestere, Polypropylene


high, stuffed, stackable, removable

Production process
INDOOR: shell in polypropylene with integrated seamless seatpad in polypropylene, wood or fabric, easily removable with 4 screws and replaceable. A fully upholstered shell without removable seat-pad is also available. Stackable sled base in steel rod either mat chromed or powder coated. Glides in polypropylene with insert in felt or plastic. It is complemented by a stool in two heights.

OUTDOOR: stackable sled base in stainless steel rod Aisi316L either sandblasted or polyester powder coated. Glides in polypropylene with insert in plastic. It is complemented by a stackable stool in two heights. Shell with integrated seat piece in polypropylene treated for UV stability and with drainage hole. The seat piece is easily removable with 4 screws and replaceable.



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