Vaso Organico Liso

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Vaso Organico Liso

Vaso Organico Liso MOD 03A by Domingos Totora

Domingos Totora’s Vaso Organico are elegant vases in repurposed cardboard. A smooth, matte surface and earthy tones as well as an organic shape characterize the designer's work and witness to his extensive experience in object design.

The main resource used to create these masterpieces is repurposed cardboard. Tótora reduces the cardboard to a semi-liquid pulp, hand moulds it into the desired shape and dries the almost finished product in the Brazilian sun.

The earth in the area around the Studio Domingos Tótora is coloured brown and red, an element of nature which is reflected in the colours of his designs. Totora’s works are sculpted by hand, and thus one-of-a-kind. His products are strictly for indoor use.

L 30 / W 25 / H 50 cm