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Ammira Mirror

Category: Accessories

Ammira Mirror Ambience

Luxurious bathroom ambiance featuring Ammira Mirror, Blossom Stool, Halma Wall Lights and Spacium Suspension

Ammira Mirror is the effortless expression of finesse. Implemented to prove the timeless statement - simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. A sleek shape of the rim reveals a pure balance of delicacy and refinement. This elegant lifestyle decorative piece is composed of the rich materials and completed with a polished finish. It is designed to bring a special allure and sensuality to your interior design.

This wall mirror is a modern statement of self-expression, reflecting the best design quality with luxurious accents. Ideal for entrances, hallways, living, and dining rooms, as well as any other space your interior décor imagination allows.

With a cutting-edge vibe, it combines both: functional sophistication and elegant simplicity. This is where minimalism gets a luxurious twist, granting any interior project a modern and exquisite touch. Keep it simple. Elegance, luxury, and simplicity. Reflect your style with Ammira Mirror, feel a unique spirit of a(d)miration.