Since 1948 Presotto has been innovating in the name of quality of life. Year after year, Presotto's designs have evolved thanks to a made in Italy and sustainable production and a culture of constant innovation for the living of tomorrow.

Empowered by a strong desire to establish our identity based on traditional high quality craftsmanship, Presotto bravely chose the most difficult path: innovation. 

Creativity, intuition, curiosity, optimism, experimentation and rapid adaptation have accompanied the evolution and growth of the company from Friuli in new global markets, always one step ahead of everyone else.

Furnishing homes has been our passion and experience for 70 years.
The person and his or her comfort zone are our focus, every choice and every detail is aimed at providing customized solutions that represent tastes and needs for functionality and beauty strictly made in Italy.

I-modulART is an extremely versatile system consisting of parallelepipeds that appropriately placed or attached to the wall furnish with a few elements entire walls of the Living area extending to the dining area, bedrooms to the entrance of the house.


Dolly Rose is a design bed characterized by a long linear headboard that, depending on the type, protrudes more or less than the sommier. 

A true protagonist of the night area capable of combining tradition and modernity.


The Querini hinged door composes an elegant and innovative closet. A practical example of how the functionality of a product can go hand in hand with beauty and harmony. 

A way to elevate one's night area to the next level.


Pari&Dispari is an evergreen living system capable of meeting the needs of the contemporary living area. 

Characterized by the ability to use all available spaces to create environments that extend with multiple heights and widths.

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