GRASS collection

Enter Maison Forestier where light penetrates everywhere and winds through the interior with its clarity. 

A unique place where each room is pondered to offer passionately illuminated emotions. These lights are the creations of our designers who play with wire and transparency, with the idea of respecting nature in all its forms and the human being by favoring craftsmanship ...
Welcome to a world full of poetry and the ultimate expectation of quality.

Forestier's relationship with the Philippines, and more specifically with Filipino artisans, has been going on for over 15 years. Discover how our objects are born... When our passion meets the craft.

Pendant lamp BAMBOO

Bamboo is the poetic encounter between nature and design. A choice of natural and authentic materials sublimated by craftsmanship and creative inspiration.

Pendant lamp GRAVITY

A delicate collection, strongly influenced by traditional Asian arts, from weaving to bamboo constructions. Its transparency creates an optical illusion whereby the suspension seems to float in weightlessness.

Pendant lamp PARROT

A new collection, increasingly linked to nature and anchored in ancestral craftsmanship...

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