Ocean Master MAX Classic Cantilever

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Ocean Master MAX Classic Cantilever

The Ocean Master MAX cantilever is simply art and engineering harmonizing in a symphony of shade. 

The polished and anodized marine-grade canopy structure cantilevers from a sturdy, oval shaped mast inspired by sailing yachts. And with the combined features of an ultra strong aluminum milled fulcrum and automatic telescoping mast, the canopy of this side post umbrella easily closes over tables and chairs.

Ocean Master MAX Single Cantilever
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The Cantilever in single, dual and shade pod versions combines art and engineering in the service of elegant shade.
By positioning the supporting pole on the perimeter of the system, not the center, cantilever umbrellas create a clear, unobstructed view beneath the canopy that makes interactions more personal and visually appealing.
TUUCI cantilever systems also offer integrated heating and lighting to make the umbrellas useful during cool weather and evenings.
Ocean Master MAX Single Cantilever
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Ocean Master MAX Classic Cantilever


Dougan Clarke