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_WARP1 pendant lamp

Collection: _WARP1

Categoria: Illuminazione

Henri Bursztyn - _WARP1 pendant lamp

_WARP1 is a lighting system made of ultra thin suspended luminous waves that can be infinitely duplicated. Various colours and length enable _Warp1 to adjust to the different interiors it is meant for.

_WARP1 is powered by its hanging cables to emphasize the feeling of lightness. _WARP1 comes either with simple lighting or double lighting: adjustable warm white/cold white. For an ultimate comfort, _Warp1 ‘s light intensity is dimmable and comes with a wireless remote control.

Finishes available : black, gold, silver, white

Sizes : 125 / 200 / 250 cm

Mono lighting 2 700° K or CCT dimmable 2 500° - 4 000° K

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