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Scala XL

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Scala XL by Anya Sebton

“The inspiration for Scala XL comes from the pillars and vaulted ceilings that can be found in buildings from the past. I have transformed and scaled these shapes into a timeless, undulating configuration that is suitable as a sound absorber for modern interiors,” says designer Anya Sebton.

To improve the soundscape in large and noisy spaces such as auditoriums, lobbies, and shopping malls, the sound absorbing wall panel Scala XL is perfectly suited since it has a powerful sound absorbing effect.

Scala XL sound absorbing panel is available in two versions: concave and convex. The panels can be mounted solitarily or as interconnected units, creating a ‘wavy’ pattern on the wall.

Designed by
Anya Sebton
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Scala XL by Anya Sebton