Casa Magna

Casa Magna Living Inspiration

At Casa Magna, we create luxury furniture with cosmopolitan and sophisticated design. 

Casa Magna Living Inspiration
Casa Magna Living Inspiration
Casa Magna Entrance Inspiration
Casa Magna Dining Inspiration
Casa Magna Home Boutique inspiration
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Each piece is carefully handcrafted by our experienced artisans, placing their love and wisdom in each creation, by giving special attention to the details.

FAMILY TRADITION - Casa Magna is a Portuguese furniture brand, born from the need to create daily usable luxury furniture with unique and refined finishings. Casa Magna have grown from a local furniture manufacturing business to a worldwide presence. With inherited tradition from the family business, each piece is made upon request, specially handmade for each client's particular needs and dreams.


OUR VISION - to invest in innovation policies – through new implemented technologies – as well as keeping our manufacturing process with high quality levels.


GLOBAL THINKING - whether you want to decorate your country house or a cosmopolitan flat, our collection is fully customizable, allowing you to adapt the finishes, colors and textures to the inspiration of your project.