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I.Con Relax and I.Con Sauna

I.Con Collection is the point of intersection between wellness and sustainable architecture, with transport containers transformed into regeneration spaces, in the form of I.Con Sauna and I.Con Relax.

Versatility of both purpose and destination. I.Con Collection (designed by MFOR) comes in three configurations: Urban, Mountain and Beach. They are defined by an essential spirit and distinctive identities expressed through a design that suits a variety of contexts and landscapes: in the outdoor area of hotels, residences, camping sites, as well as in a home garden, at high altitudes or in a city centre.

Integrating with their surroundings, I.Con Sauna and I.Con Relax are true wellness areas with an exclusive and highly innovative design, the former intended for the intense heat of the Finnish sauna, the latter for the regeneration of rest. I.Con Relax can also be perfectly integrated with Bridge Lounger and Wellness Coach, the virtual guide to psycho-physical well-being featuring guided mindfulness and breathing programs.


I.Con Relax e I.Con Sauna


I.Con Sauna - I.Con Collection


I.Con Relax

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