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E la nave va, designed by Atelier Oï

E la nave va, designed by Atelier Oï

Atelier Oï joins the team of Alias with their sofa “e la nave va”. 

The structure of the sofa uses a system of visible slats inspired from the construction of wooden boat hulls: elastic ribs support the cushions and are secured to two wooden rails suspended on stylish aluminium feet.

Components in curved multilayer ash and oak wood, arranged in alternation, define the structure and the visual appearance of the project, giving life to a lightweight structure with a great personality. This space accommodates a large, soft cushion, which envelops the guests in a generous embrace.  

“E la nave va” is a vibrant project, which interacts with those who use it in a marvellous balance between formal elegance and ergonomics. The textile belt that keeps the structure together distributes the loads evenly and in doing so enables the sofa to adapt perfectly to a person’s body, for enhanced elasticity and optimal sturdiness.  

The traditional arms are replaced by the shape of the sofa, which closes at the sides.

Shapes are reduced to their very essence, putting the accent on the materials, which take on great stylistic significance. The construction principle of “e la nave va”, based on the multiplication of an element, finds expression in a graphic design which is concretised in a sofa and an armchair.

E la nave va, designed by Atelier Oï

E la nave va, designed by Atelier Oï