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Roolf Outdoor Living

Roolf-Living brings an elegant and playful touch to your space. We design and produce products with a colorful, unique and sustainable texture to spice up your outdoor and indoor life. Live your Roolf-moments to the fullest.

Love us! ❤️

I float!

Yes, the Dotty Pouf even floats. There's a bit of magic it it. Just say abracadabra and go sit on water.

Looks matter

Outdoor living is our kind of living. To us, it means letting things go. Take a seat, see what happens. The look of our lounge range reflects just that. Some call it vintage, others call it bohemian. We call it cool. Your rugs, chairs, seats, sunbeds... all come in many colours and many shapes. Together, they form your own world of lounge. Prepare for a unique look with many feels and embrace that special state of mind: chillax.

Buddies with the sun

Each and every item in the Roolf collection has been UV-treated, which means all those beautiful colours will keep their wonderful appearance. Let the sun shine, ladies and gentlemen. (And in case you want extra protection, we've got it covered: just ask for our handy UV-protector spray.)


The Roolf rugs, chairs, seats... are equally perfect for indoor use. Imagine them in your living room, bij the fireplace, in the kid's corner... Choose freely.

Unique Texture

Whichever colour you choose - and we have many - each of them is made up of at least 3 different shades. Looking at your Roolf lounge set never gets boring, we've made sure of that.

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